This document is there to inform interested parties about the current state of the internet and to provide a solution through integrating blockchain infrastructure.

The problem

Information is currently only stored in private databases. This is a 'black box' for outsiders, the integrity of the information and the actions of the manager are purely based on trust. Symptoms of this are fraud, forgery, leaks, fake news and more.

Our Solution

The hypothesis is that when actions are traceable because they are recorded on the blockchain (an immutable medium) we have a motivation to act fairly.

Until now, we associate the recording of digital actions as something negative because we are not used to being in control of information. With the blockchain, however, we record the actions in a medium that is neutral and creates a fair playing field.

Our Mission

“The easiest way to integrate the blockchain”

Blockchain is a difficult concept and the knowledge to implement the blockchain is scarce. Our mission is to make the blockchain transparent and easy to apply by offering a blockchain-as-a-service API.

Our Vision

“To build an integrity infrastructure for the internet”

Over time, more companies will link their infrastructure to the blockchain so that they can guarantee integrity to their users, partner organizations and authorities.

Privacy & Security

The blockchain's security model is the fact that it is public. Everyone is free to verify the activities on it. This does not mean that the information can be read by the public. You are private. Think of it as a private person walking on the public street.

Privacy is guaranteed because the data on the blockchain is divided into countless different transactions of which only the owner knows how the transaction is linked. Due to the large volume of transactions, it is impossible for an attacker to find the transactions he wants. In doing so, you also eliminate the vulnerability that central databases have.


The blockchain has an economic motive in the form of a token. This is a driver for the transaction processors to authenticate honestly and a payment method to store activity on the blockchain. This token is provided by Kyrt and placed in the user account to store activities that come in through the API.

Our Service

Kyrt offers a blockchain-as-a-service API that allows any organization to connect their business to the blockchain. We provide a turnkey blockchain infrastructure that guarantees integrity for the business, your partners and your users.

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